We are a web and software development company providing quality over quantity.

About Us?

Vastal I-Tech was established in 1999 with an aim of providing quality software and internet services to all. Since then we have developed many customized software's for our clients. We have worked on more than 50 website's during the past 5 years. Our goal is achieved when we are able to fully satisfy our clients. We are always eager to get a new challenge so that we can improve our skills further and provide you with best possible solutions. Our main goal has always been to create a healthy relation with our clients so that we continue to do business together.  

Vastal I-Tech is a group of 10 professionals dedicated to one aim quality and satisfaction. We at Vastal I-Tech believe that I.T. Industry is nothing but an idea. If you have one you can rule it. We at Vastal I-Tech work to our fullest capacity to make your idea and your dream a reality. As is said if you see the stairs do not just stare at them but reach them and climb them so that you can reach the top one day. We provide you a platform to reach for the first stair and we will be always behind you until you reach the top and will work our best to make you stay their forever. So ...



As one of our clients has commented very gracefully for us:

"We have an endless desire to pay attention to detail"

This really proves are passion to pay close attention to the details that you provide so that we do not miss the targets and give you a solution which you will appreciate forever.

Why choose Vastal I-Tech

Internet business is based on trust and we are empowered by the trust of more than 300 clients who come just to us since they find us great to trust with their crucial data and projects, we are always on a move to provide best services to all our clients and bring to them the best service that we have been looked up, for years. Choosing Vastal I-Tech is the best decision you will make as it will make your I.T. experience more enjoyable and fast. We are always taught to treat our clients more like friends so that we enjoy a good working environment and provide best support and services to all.

By Choosing Vastal I-Tech for your project or purchasing a product from www.vastal.com, you agree all disputes will be settled in Ludhiana, India Jurisdiction.

Hoping to work with you soon. Please contact us at: info@vastal.com or fill in the enquiry form by going here.

  • Deliver a high quality web design/development
  • Support our customers once signing a contract
  • Streamline an expanded array of web
  • Pursue web-enabled niche markets with professionals
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