What our Customers have to Say about our Products and Services


1) Great Communicators. Would use for future projects. Does great work and clean code. Thanks.? - LambentPhotos.com

2) Good communicator and coder. - Stevendonahoe.com

3) Very good work - understands our requirements and always available online to discuss. Will work with this coder again.

4) Very happy with the solution provided. This coder understood our requirements very well and provided a good robust application. DVD/Rental Website

5) Ankur does fantastic work! On a scale of 1 to 10, Ankur rates 11! - HelpDeskServer.com

6) Very good to work with and trys to give 100 percent of what he is asked to do. - BrokeHorses.com

7) Ankur did excellent work for us. This is the second job we hired him for. Given clear plans and detailed instructions of what we needed he was able to get the job done as we needed. - FriendiFieds.com

8) Great coder, amazing, amazing, amazing. And a first class guy. - LeadMate.net

9) Great work. Works better than what I expected! Would hesitate a second to work with again or recommend.

10) I have been working with this coder on creating my website NightSociety.com, He has been extremely punctual, always communicates (asks questions and makes suggestions), and has an endless desire to pay close attention to detail. He works with the utmost professionalism, that I have been looking for exhaustively. I will work with the coder for much more future endeavors.  - NightSociety.com

11) Vastal I-Tech did a fantastic job on my project. I will work with them again and again based on my experience. - NegoishDirect.com

12) Simply brilliant! Vistal i-Tech has been and continues to be an outstanding asset to our ASP coding needs. The coding capabilities are matched only by the original thinking, which is a winning combination for our needs. - HeadHunterBusiness.com

13) Just one word to say about this developer: GENIUS!!!
He's one of the best programmers I've met. He has done THE BEST JOB. He's extremely nice and has been in touch througout the entire project. Even when the project was closed he keep in touch every 2 days to make sure everything was working as needed (and of course it was). Truly the BEST. I absolutely recommend him for your job. - Encentra.com

14) Did excellent work. Coder did a lot of work and we gave him a bonus based on that and his responsiveness to our project goal. In our experience, he is a great coder for ASP and MS SQL. We would hire him again.

15) Excellent coder. Very prompt and professional. Creative, understanding, hard working and best of all an excellent coder, Highly recommended. - RinnouLaw.com

16) Nothing was too much trouble for Mr Ankur Jain and his team. I am very pleased with the final result he produced for me and will work with him again. He was responsive to changes required and unfailingly polite.  - CoryBernardi.com

17) We have become a fan of Vastal I-Tech services, not only do they provide excellent services, but also go an extra mile to please the customers, we will use them again for sure. - ShawUniversityMosque.org

18) We thank Vastal I-Tech a buch for the best quality work they did for us. We highly recommend them to anyone looking for a customized web solution. - SmGuru.com

19) I am very happy with the final result Vastal I-Tech produced for me. The mortgage zone product helped me make the ideas I had a realty. The product is really flexible and was easily changed from Mortgage to Car Leads. Thanks. - ClassicJunkYard.com

20) Vastal I-Tech services are the best. I am glad i found www.vastal.com which has proved to be the best experience by far.  - AnimeDeluxe.com

21) I've been overall very happy.  We've grown in less than 2 months to over 2,200 people. There are some bugs but the developer has been very prompt in fixing them! He is very accessible and has gone above and beyond to fix the bugs!!  His support has been worth the cost of the program alone. - MyTribalSpace.com

22)  What a wonderful top of the line script. It has all the same features as myspace and mypartypals.com The support is super fast, well within my timeframe. They do respond very fast, I really love the layout and admin panel area is reall easy to navigate around. A++++++++++ for this one.  - MyPartyPals.com

23) You guys take care of us!!! - PinoyPinaySpace.com

24) Vastal I-Tech & Co. is one of a kind.  Their attention to detail and quality of work are unmatched.  Ankur Jain's organization is one of the last web development organizations that is giving ALL small businesses a chance to succeed.  I know Ankur and his team have made my vision and business model a reality and I have no doubt they can do the same for any eager entrepreneur.  Good luck Ankur, and keep the dreams alive.  - CoolNewFriends.com

25) I attempted to use one of your competitors scripts and after a week of problems and being ignored for 5 days, I scrapped their scripts and purchased yours. Your scripts were extremely easy to install and after less than 24 hours, the site was customized the way I wanted it. Plus, friends of mine were saying how they liked the looks of this site better than the last attempt. Thanks for the quality product and excellent support. - Jesus-Walks.com

26) Very happy with the product. Not 1 single bug. Most of all they did all my mods and custom work with ease. Thanks Ankir....  - AdultGroupSpace.com.