Refer Zone :: The Unique Tell a Friend Script

Software Pricing:
Price: USD $180.00/domain
Rental Price: USD $0.00/month

One of the main reason for all websites to succeed is to have the facility to let their visitors tell their friends about the website, this is called free advertising, if a person likes your page or a product and finds a link to tell their friends about the page/product they will in 90% probability send the invitation . Refer Zone allows you to integrate the same, but with an added functionality which is a user does not need to enter the email addresses they want to send but rather they can send the link to all the contacts that are currently in their Yahoo, MSN ,Hotmail or gmail accounts. Refer Zone uses Address Zone technology, which is the 1st of its kind software for community sites, refer zone was developed for all websites as this can really leverage the traffic which is sent to your site.

The Address Zone Script has the following features:

  • Import address book from
  • Import address book from
  • Import address book from
  • Import address book from
  • Save addresses in database
  • Save addresses in *.csv file
  • Save addresses in session
  • and much more...

The Refer Me has the following features:

  • You need to just add a link to refer me with the following variables:
    • subject, to change the subject of the email being sent.
    • product_name, to change the product name/service name/page name for users.
    • product_desc, a small description of the product name/service name/page name which is sent to the users.
    • url, the actual url of the website.
  • Rest All is handled by refer zone no need to do anything else.


The script requires:

  • PHP 4.1.0 or above
  • 1 MySQL database
  • CURL installed on your server
  • Apache 1.3.0 or above
  • Linux Server (Preferred)

To see full details please visit the demo site.