Custom Website Development

If you have an interesting idea for your new website and want it done to perfection, you have come to the right place. We make use of all new technologies and develop your website so it stands out from the crowd.

Web Applications for all platform's are created with utmost sophistication.

Our web application development team takes it's time in studying the requirements of the client and than makes sure all the features which are needed are created with utmost professionalism and utmost sophistication. Our team has developed applications in PHP, Python, ASP and JS.


From Low to Medium to Heavy Traffic Our Coding Will Handle it All!

Vastal I-Tech is a leading backend development company, we have been working on created advanced level backend solutions for our clients since 1999. The robustness with which our team creates the backend can be known from the fact that our created backends have been able to handle loads of upto 10,000+ online user's at a time. The speed and accuracy of our code is always industry competitive and no one will deny that we produce one of the most clear back end codes. We have been developing applications in PHP, Java, Python, .NET, SQL and Ruby for nearly 20 years now. We will make sure your project is well handled and done with utmost professionalism. Once you choose us for your website development or custom backend development or saas development project, you won't go to any other place.

Programming Languages We Are Comfortable In Working With

PHP Programming
Microsoft .net Programming
Java Programming
Node.js Programming
Node JS
Python Programming
Ruby Rails Programming

Databases or Backend We Are Comfortable In Working With

Mysql Database Management
Postgre Database Management
Microsoft SQL Server Database Management
Microsoft SQL Server
SQL Lite Database Management
SQL Lite Server
Mongo DB Database Management
Mongo DB
Redis Database Management

Riak Database Management
Riak Database
Oracle Database Management
Oracle Database
CouchDB Database Management
CouchDB Database
Amazon AWS Services
Amazon AWS Services
Cassandra Database Management
Cassandra DB
Apache Solr Database Management
Solr DB

Neo4j Database Management
Neo4j DB
Apache HBase Database Management
HBase Database Management
Accumulo Database Management
Hypertable Database Management

Custom Web Development Done By A Team Of Professionals

Choosing Vastal I-Tech for your web application development will be the best decision you make, your website will be placed well in all targeted markets.

Mobile Application Development Done By A Team Of Professionals