DVD Zone :: Boast Your DVD Rental Business

Software Pricing:
Price: USD $399.99/domain
Rental Price: USD $39.99/month

You can boast the revenue generated by your DVD Rental Business by allowing the users to order online. We have provided many features which can be really useful for the users who may wish to rent a DVD. They can add a DVD in their wish list and can move the DVD's on their wish list up or down depending on the priority on which they want to rent that DVD. They can see the DVD's which have been sent to them and are on their hands by just visiting their account. So there is no delay in returning them. You have full control of the genres you want to use through our extensive admin panel. You can add as many DVD's as you want with just a click. You have full control over the CMS of the website, you can edit it on the fly. We have provided a HTML WYSIWYG Editor so you do not have to do any kind pf programming. Please check out the demo site to see the script in action.
User Side Features Include:
  • Browse All DVDís
  • Browse DVDís by category
  • Search DVDís
  • Advanced DVD Search
  • Password Based Encryption for Credit Card Numbers
  • Edit Account
  • Check How much has been charged on their card.
  • Add DVDís to Wish List
  • Move DVDís in Wish List up or down
  • Check In Hand DVDís
  • Check Returned DVDís
  • Report Damaged DVDís
  • Report Lost DVDís
  • Update Credit Card Information's
  • Update/Change/Remove Subscription
  • and much more...

Admin Side Features Include:
  • Add/Edit/Delete DVD Category
  • Add/Edit/Delete Subscriptions
  • Add/Edit/Delete Ratings For Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Aspect Ratio for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Publisher for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Episodes for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Languages for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Subtitles for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete Running Time for Movies
  • Add/Edit/Delete DVDís
  • See Non Processed User Accounts
  • See Processed User Accounts
  • See Unsubscribed Non Processed User Accounts
  • See Unsubscribed Processed User Accounts
  • See All User Accounts
  • See Userís Wish List
  • See DVDís with Users
  • Mark DVDís sent to users
  • See Returned DVDís
  • Mark DVDís returned by users
  • Add/View Member financial transaction
  • Change Home Page Content
  • Change Privacy Policy Content
  • Change Disclaimer Content
  • Change Contact Us Content
  • Change Help Page Content
  • Change Terms of Service Content
  • Change Learn More Content
  • Change After Login Page Content
  • Create a new page
  • Edit/Delete a page
  • Change Meta Tags of the site
  • Manage Admin Accounts
  • and much more...