Shaadi Zone :: A matrimonial Services Script

Software Pricing:
Price: USD $399.99/domain
Rental Price: USD $39.99/month

Shaadi Zone is the best solution if you are looking to run a matrimonial services services. We have integrated many features which you can use and take full advantage of the matrimonial services. You can run a site like shaadi or bharatmatrimoniy easily.

Current Version 1.0.9 (Released Date: 12th December 2006)

The script has the following features:

  • User Side:
    • User Registration in 2 Steps where their create their login id and profile.
    • Profile is sent for scrutiny.
    • Once enabled they can login and change their partner profile.
    • Change My Account for changing the name, address email and other info.
    • My Email Manager to set the email preferences for the website.
    • My Orders to see the orders that they have made.
    • My Accepted Members to see which members they have accepted.
    • Members who accepted me to see which members have accepted them.
    • My Favorites to see which profiled you have added in your favorites.
    • Members who contacted me to see all the members who have contacted them.
    • Members whom I have contacted: to see the members that were contacted by the user.
    • My Shaadi to place all the summarized details of the profile and to allow a user to upgrade account to paid.
    • Feature to get featured profile.
    • Feature to get a bold profile.
    • Inbox to see your incoming messages.
    • Outbox to see your outgoing messages.
    • Edit Profile to edit the profile : It is again sent for scrutiny by admin.
    • Change Partner Profile.
    • Change Photo: Only one photo is allowed per user.
    • Searches:
      • Advanced Search
      • Quick Search
      • Search By Photos
      • Search By Community
      • Search By Religion
      • Search By Region
      • Search By Special Cases
      • Search By Religion:
        • All the religions that have been added from the backend are given a short cut to do a search.
      • Search By Community:
        • All the communities that have been added from the backend are given a short cut to do a search.
      • Profile Viewing:
        • Contact Now : If a user status is set to paid then they can send personalized message, otherwise a default message will be sent to other user indicating that the member have contacted you.
        • Add to favorite: to add the profile to the bookmarks.
        • Forward to Friend: to send the profile to a friend.
    • Success Stories: Which can be added from the admin panel
  • Admin Side:
    • Users Section:
      • Approve Users: To approve the new users profile.
      • Membership to see the current members.
      • Edited Profile: To see the profiles which were edited and approve them.
      • Edit Profile to edit the profile of users.
    • Payments Section:
      • New Paid Membership: to see the new applications.
      • Old Paid Membership: to see the old applications.
      • New Featured Listing: to see the new featured listing applications.
      • Old Featured Listing: to see the old Featured Listing applications.
      • New Bold Listing: to see the new bold listing applications.
      • Old Bold Listing: to see the old Bold Listing applications.
    • FAQ : To manage the FAQ Section.
    • Guest Book : To manage the guest book.
    • Membership Type: To manage the membership packages.
    • Body Type: To manage the body type.
    • Community: To manage the communities.
    • Complexion Type: To manage the complexion.
    • Country: To manage the country.
    • Family Values: To manage the family values.
    • Height: To manage the height.
    • Mother Tongue: To manage the mother tongue.
    • Occupation: To manage the occupation.
    • Education: To manage the education.
    • Religion: To manage the religion.
    • Guest Book: To enable the guest book entries.
    • and much more...

Shaadi Zone is the best clone of and is written from scratch in php and mysql.

Please see the demo site for more details and feel free to contact us anytime for setting up the website or if you have any queries.

To see full details please visit the demo site. Please note that this is a open database for all so there might be some problems with images and data that our visitors and customers try and edit, but we upload the default database once per week.